A vast array of sectors


Curaçao offers a vast array of sectors that present investment opportunities, and directly and positively affect the well-being of Curaçao.

Trade & Distribution

trade_curacaoCuraçao has always been at the epicenter of the regional trade and distribution serving as the perfect hub for the neighboring island and mainland distribution headquarters. Curaçao also offers many industrial zones for local manufacturing and economic zones offering opportunities for sales, warehousing, distribution, assembly, manufacturing and technical services.


logistics_curacaoThe location of the island and the infrastructure that is already well established is a great advantage for the island. With excellent maritime and aviation facilities Curaçao excels in the region. Furthermore, plans to continue the development and modernization of these facilities are well underway.

Information Technology

information_technology_curacaoCuraçao is eager to continue making leaps forward in the ICT sector. The datacenter development on Curaçao in recent years has catapulted the awareness of Curaçao on the global ICT canvas. It’s imperative to continue to make strides in this sector in order to not lose momentum.

Oil Refinery & Renewable Energy

template_pic3aThe oil refinery has contributed significantly to the island’s economy in the past. The harbor and location, as a hub in the Caribbean, presented a remarkable advantage. With changing times however renewable energy and green movement set the scene for a different approach yet maintaining the key benefits of the past. There is so much at stake, but also so much to gain if the proper investments are made in this sector.


template_pic3hCuraçao is unique for mimicking a big city on a small island, offering the potential, infrastructure and economic development of a mainland city yet being surrounded by the Caribbean seas. Tourists love Curaçao for being such a rare combination of European and American influences, cultures and customs, while also offering the exotic and tropical sea, sand and sun along with the hustle and bustle of corporate Curaçao. These extremities emphasize the possibilities financial development has to skyrocket this treasure to the must-see vacation destination of the region, simply because it does offer it all.

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