Banking Services
Banking & fund management
Corporate Finance

As soon-to-be agent bank, the Curacao Development Institute will manage a extensive portfolio for different programs (eg. tourism, Oil Refinery & Renewable Energy, Information Technology, Logistics and Trade & Distribution)

To bridge the design of a long term loan a short finance is granted to assist in the development/purchase need of the project.

CDI offers a range of lending products tailored to meet the specific business requirements. The typical maturities range between one year and fifteen years, depending on the final purpose of the requested financing.

Program & Project Management

CDI manages funds and programs for third parties in an efficient and professional manner. CDI has a code of conduct in addition to a specific rules and regulations outline in order to ensure the way of working that is expected.

CDI supports with fund management and administration, also project evaluation and management. Our highly qualified staff will make sure your project stays right on track. We provide full time project managers whose tasks include but are not limited to the following:
• Evaluate the project or program based on set regulations
• Assist in, or perform the selection of technical advisors required for the supervision of the project
• Assist in, or organize the complete tender process
• Assist in or prepare the set-up of the contract documents
• Perform supervision of the project during execution
• Administration of all project related documentation
• Review disbursement requests/ invoices
• Prepare other progress reports

Economic & Financial Services

When it comes to making investment choices, the Curacao Development Institute is your ideal partner. CDI offers advisory services to offer client concrete and realistic prognosis and opportunities. Insight in the financial feasibility of a project can be presented in its early stages.

Services include: Macro Economic Advisory

In depth analysis of available public data can be provided or assistance to produce/collect data to a certain extent when not readily available.

Privatization Support Help governments decide upon privatization structures and advice how to go about this process by acting as a mediator between all stakeholders.

CDI can adequately preform most economic and business related research using quantitative as well as qualitative analysis tools.

Feasibility Studies / Economic Impact Studies

Feasibility studies related to new or existing business ventures and projects.

Business Planning

Guiding new or existing businesses with the setup of a business plan.